Thursday, December 31, 2009

Alotta People Asking How to Get the Book

People are asking how to get Sleeping With the Sun In His Eyes.
They can go to Mac's Backs Books On Coventry (216) 321-BOOK.
Also they can email and have the book

I am working on making the book available at Whole Foods Markets.
That would be a lucky thing.

But for now contact Green Panda Press by email, and you can pay
by check or credit card for copies of the book.

Thanks, Akol

Almost Birthday

today is new year's eve, the day before Akol and many of his brothers the Cleveland Lost Boys have their birthday celebration. one gift is the very positive response people are having to his book Sleeping With the Sun In His Eyes. at Green Panda Press's blog Akol's co-author Bree posted these comments by readers and reviewers:

(she is also the founder of Green Panda Press, and a co-worker of Akol's at Whole Foods Market).

Kirk Bolden, of Cleveland writes:

“I just received the book today and I could not put it down. I read the entire book in one sitting. The book flowed effortlessly and captured the feelings of Akol and the events of his life in a fascinating way. Thank you for believing in this new author, Bree, and making her book a reality.”

(he clearly does not know i am Green Panda Press!)

Tom Kryss, Cleveland Poet writes:

“Sometimes I just have to partially close your and Akol's book, with my finger holding the place, and sit there and ruminate.”

Then he goes on to really make Akol and i blush,

“your collaboration with Akol Ayii Madut really addresses, blows out of the water,the matters of what poetry might and should be, and IS in your very capable hands. Make no mistake, it is a long poem you and Akol have written.”

Mary E. Weems, Cleveland Poet and Teacher read an advanced proof of the book and sent word that:

“While reading Sleeping with the Sun In His Eyes the line from ‘Amazing Grace’ kept repeating, a gospel refrain connecting brother Akol Ayii Madut and Bree and me together, “I once was lost, but now I'm found, was blind but now I see." Fine work--flows, feels, is tight--no fat, not to be missed.”

Nina Freedlander Gibans, Cleveland Cultural Consultant writes of the same uncorrected proof:

“This story of the life of (one of) the Lost Boys of Sudan, his escapades in his native country, a training camp, and in Cleveland illuminates the almost insurmountable challenges the Lost Boys face wherever they are. With incredible fortitude they face life together and become role models for each other. Self-realizations are brought to life as the authors detail his colorful journeys to fulfillment and jobs. A fascinating read for all ages.”

Akol wants to hear from you, too. Leave a comment about
Sleeping With the Sun In His Eyes (or a birthday wish) below!